Smart Home


    Guangzhou Ruixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Ruixin) was established in 2013 as a wholly owned subsidiary of CVTE. Ruixin is located in Guangzhou CVTE Second Industrial Park. With its partners Baidu and Tencent, smart hardware incubator Ruixin has co-developed smart children's shoes, and other products. At this stage we continue to carry out in-depth research and development in geo-positioning services, fashion and jewelry, and the smart home, among others.

    Ruixin brings together a group of bold, enterprising, and talented partners who cover technologies all the way from basic hardware to the highest level of embedded applications and server applications. In design they cover interactive design, ID design, and structural design. Our supply chain system, production control system, and quality management system are guaranteed thanks to the resources of the CVTE platform. We hope that in the near future our high-tech creations will enable more and more people to enjoy a better quality of life.